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The VitalStick affects anything aqueous. In other words, you can improve drinks, food, wash lotions and even cosmetics with the VitalStick. Transform your tap water into enlivened, mild fitness water.

Juices appear like losing their strong sour taste, wine and spirits develop their full bouquet. Coffee can lose it’s several aftertaste.

The drinks become more agreeable and appear to be better coordinated in taste. Young wines give the impression of having aged after using the VitalStick. The decanting time for red wines can be reduced with the VS-168.

How does does it work?

Put the VS-168 in your drink or food and stir about 1 minute. if you use drinks with a lot of CO2 a 30 second treatment is mostly enough. How can I test the function?: Put the same amount of the same drink in two glasses at the same temperature. Put the VS-168 in one drink and stir about 1 minute. Please try the treated drink first, because you can definitely taste the difference. Eating of very spicy food prior to testing can decrease your your tasting ability. By trying it with juices, wine, spirits or coffee you will taste the most difference.

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Made in Germany

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