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Beijing OTC Energy & Environment Engineering Public Limited Company

Our Partner Beijing OTC Energy & Environment Engineering Public Limited Company (Beijing OTC), founded in 1994, is mainly engaged in the oily waste water treatment in petroleum and petrochemical industries, industrial waste water and urban sewage treatment, equipment manufacture and the development, production and sale of chemicals. They can provide the clients with integrated solutions to the treatment of oilfield re-injection water, flushing fluid, fracturing flow-back fluid, oily sludge, petrochemical waste water, industrial waste water and urban sewage. They have passed the certification of ISO9001/14001/OHSAS18001 quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system. As a high-tech and key environmental enterprise supported by Beijing Municipality, they possess the contracting qualification for environment projects and the operation qualification for industrial waste water treatment and environmental pollution control facilities. 

The Company were listed in NEEQ in December, 2012, and the stock code is 430195

Beijing OTC has put in place the General Manager responsibility system under the leadership of Board of Directors. They have more than one hundred senior executives and engineering & technical staff. They are based in the high-tech development zone, Zhongguancun, Beijing, China. Since our foundation, they have always been placing technical innovation at the first place of their development strategy. Thanks to their continuous great effort, they have formed the core technologies with their own proprietary intellectual property rights, solved the technical problems in oilfield re-injection water area, popularised our core technologies and created their own brand by contracting projects, and expanded our business scope actively with the help of favourable external policy environment under which the state is paying more and more importance to environmental protection causes. Having executed nearly one hundred domestic and overseas projects, their overall competitiveness is increasingly enhanced. Now, they have become a specialised company with powerful technical strength and rich practical engineering experience in the field of re-injection water treatment, waste fluid treatment and CPF operation for the petroleum and petrochemical industries in China.


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