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Take a shower into a new experience. The water feels better on your skin and smells refreshing . The new shower Filter SF-89 in top design, is made of high quality chromed ABS material. The installation and replacement of the filter cartridge can be done very quickly and easily. The standard cartridge filter contains carbon granulate to eliminate the smell of chlorine with a life expectancy of ca. 3 months.

Optional cartridge are also available. (See below)

  • FC-88 with granulated Aqua-lime protection (AquaKalko) carbon granules and EM Pipes.


Weight approx: 285g.

Height: 125mm incl. threading

Max. Diameter: 70mm

Connection for shower hose and shower head 1/2 “F1/2” AG


The shower filter is either connected directly to the shower unit or between the unit and shower head. An alternative option will be made available in the near future to offer a short hose adapter for an easier, accessible connection for the eventuality that a connection is too close to the wall for a suitable fit.

45° Corner valve (Angled)

Most shower valves are mounted in close proximity to the wall. To easily mount the SF-89 you can order the angled adapter valve.
Material: Chrome-plated brass. Fitting ½ “F x ½ “

Made in Germany

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Shower filter


Shower filter


Shower filter

Chemical free anti-lime scale

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