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Leben Wasser was incorporated in Singapore beginning year 2018. In less than 8 months, the Company managed to pull in companies from Germany and China to become our Strategic Partners in Asia-Pacific and Middle East market.


The Company has designed a whole series of Water Purifier with German Technology and made in Germany parts and filters for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. The company is also an environmental solution management company where we focus in providing integrated systems for water and wastewater treatment.


Working with our Global strategic partners from Germany and China, today the Company has expanded its technical capabilities to include water and wastewater treatment systems and a new range of Water Purifier to raise the standard of water quality in residential, commercial, agriculture and industrial in the Asia and Middle East region.

Since beginning 2018, the Company has strategically focus on projects for water and wastewater in China and USA. Together with our Strategic Partners, we have secured waste water management project in the United States of America.  The success of the projects and technology from the 3 Global strategic partners have created interests from countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and India.


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Alan Wong


Alan Wong was in the Contract & Design services for 20 years. He has 8 years of experience serving high-end property customers and spent the next 5 years in China providing Interior Design services.

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