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DAC 120

Simply Screw, And Enjoy!

The Shower DAC 120 for your shower in bathroom, generates higher solubility in water for great tasting soft drinking water. Technical devices are protected from rapid calcification. Air mixer , aerator stay longer handsome, sustainable value retention.


Material: brass / polished chrome plated sanitary standard
Dimensions: 28mm diameter x 50 mm length
Weight: 60g
Capacity: approx 9.6 liters / min. 3.5 bar
Connection / Type: M 24 x 1 male thread (female thread on the tap ) incl standard adapter M 24 x 1 to M 22 x 1 II (external thread M 22 x 1 at the tap ) - for easy screw on the faucet.
Use: The Whirlator® may be fixed at any faucet in the bathroom or kitchen with M 24 x 1 internal thread M 22 x 1 or be screwed (with the included adapter) for the extraction of drinking or washing water at the tap.
Application range: for example in bathrooms, kitchen, hotels and restaurants, as well as in the service sector Salons, spas and sanitation in all facilities of hospitals, kindergartens and schools.


DAC 120

Shower Adapter

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Made in Germany

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