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HC 340

Central Connection

The central connection HC 340 for the drinking water circulation in EFH-/MFH-/ETW / residential complexes, residential homes and hospitals, reduces maintenance and consumption of water systems such as Washing machines and dishwashers, taps, toilet cisterns, etc.


Dimensions: Diameter 49 mm x 198 mm total length - including fitting Red - nipple G ½‘‘ x ¾ ‚‘
Weight: 1600 g
Capacity: 850 L / h at Delta p = 100kPa (approx. 1500 liters at 3.5 bar ) - enough for up to 4-6 people. With higher demand, multiple devices can be operated in parallel. 

( Installation only by qualified personnel)
Pressure resistant: Pmax = 1.6 MPa
Connection / Type: G ½ ‚‘ G ¾‘‘ ( internal thread device - external thread / Reducing)


Use: Central connection

Order of installation: water meter , water filter , pressure regulator, HC 340
Application area: The HC 340 suitable for every drinking water circulation in condominiums, residential homes , hotels , restaurants and hospitals. Furthermore, in wellness facilities swimming pools, nurseries , food industry, trade , agriculture and animal breeding.


HC 340

Central Connection

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Made in Germany

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